Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello March!

If this is SUMMER, then I am a bit worried about what WINTER will be like!  For the most part, this summer is colder than Phoenix' winters. I have been told by numerous sources that the Rainy Season is longer this year than usual.  Having no heat in the house (other than a propane heater that scares me when I try to light it!) and no heat at the school doesn't help one to stay warm.  Most of the time recently my toes have been so cold I was afraid to walk in case I bumped into something and one of them broke off!  LOL  But, the rains have brought green to all of the mountains around us and I am awed every morning by a different landscape due to the rain and clouds and sun.  It is gorgeous and I have enjoyed the multitudes of different varieties and birds.
 I was able to catch on my camera, photos of a mother sow and her four piglets (sowlets?) eating trash at a nearby corner where dogs and birds usually gather.  It was quite funny to me to look up on a wire and see about a dozen large birds watching with anticipation - maybe anger (angry birds - ha ha ha!).  Sorry I can't transfer pix from my phone to my computer.  Sheep and pigs (boars) frequently visit the land around our school.  Dogs are EVERYWHERE.  SO far, we have not encountered any aggressive critters when we have been out walking.

Some praises:
*  We have had some more elementary students become Christians, and some 9th graders!
*  Kathy has finished her 5th of 8th classes (and has started on her 6th class) needed for her to earn her Bachelor's degree and graduate at the end of July in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA (very close to Chattanooga, TN)!
*  Vaughn has had some great talks with his students grades 9 - 12 regarding having a personal relationship with God.  It is SO cool that the kids here are so open and not intimidated or offended by discussing spiritual things and they are so honest.  It's a youth worker's dream!
*  Kathy's knee is doing MUCH better and things are progressing with her middle back.  Dr. Karola Guzman de Rojas has been a god-send!  Also, we have, for the much part been healthy.

Prayer Concerns:*  We have a number of students for which we have had wonderful conversations, but who as of yet not made decisions to become Christians.  Please pray for Alejandro (left), Diego (right),    Saba (a Muslim; not pictured), Paulina (below) and Andre (not pictured).  
There are others, but these are our "Most Wanted" at present. 
 *  We need to move by the end of May (before we leave for the US for June and July).  Please pray that our needs will be met by location, price, having it furnished and having at least a washer (but also having a dryer would be a MAJOR blessing).  Also, we do not have ANY household items whatsoever and because our support has been low, we have had to use the money that was designated for moving into an apartment for our regular needs and bills, we are a bit light on finances.
* Kathy will be teaching 5th grade next year (Aug. 2012 - June 2013).  Once she finishes her college classes she will need to start looking at lesson planning and also arranging and decorating her room at the beginning of June (before we head back here).

We would LOVE to share what is going on with the ministry here in La Paz with you at your church or at an informal, small gathering in your home.  We will be in the Eastern US in June and the Western US in July - please let us know if we can schedule a time for you.

Blessings to you and yours!

Vaughn and Kathy