Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's gonna be a whirlwind, but over the weekend we got offered and accepted positions to serve the Lord at Highlands International School (H.I.S.) through the mission's organization N.I.C.S. (Network of International Christian Schools) located in La Paz, Bolivia. The school's website is: The mission organization website is:

So, sit down, buckle up, hold on and get ready to go on a CRAZY ride with us!

First of all, we sent an information/prayer and support letter out to many friends and family. We have started adding names of those who are committing to pray for us as well as those willing to help out financially. If you didn't receive the letter, please let us know and we will forward a copy to you ASAP!

We are hoping to get everything accomplished here and be headed towards La Paz the last week of September. There is certainly a lot to do; purge our house - selling, giving, storing, etc. Getting through all of the paperwork needed to get a visa for Bolivia, doctor appointments and (FUN!) immunizations. Figuring out what to take, how to take it, etc. Closing accounts, finalizing the lease-purchase agreement with our lessees, selling a car, renting a U-Haul and a storage unit, etc., etc., etc.

So, I just wanted to get the blog started (thanks Julie for the "push" to start it) so that you can check in and see how we are doing and where we are in the process.

More coming soon!

Vaughn & Kathy


  1. God is great and greatly to be praised. Already 5 have join our prayer base and 5 pledging to assist financially. Vaughn

  2. You guys are definitely on my prayer list! May this endeavor be richly blessed!

    Dena Ellis Hamilton