Friday, August 19, 2011

We're OFFICIAL! "Another Door is Opening for us!"

We got word today that we are official missionaries with N.I.C.S.  We can even start accepting support funds!  Our Project number, which all supporters will need to use to send support through N.I.C.S. for us is:  003559.  From N.I.C.S. to our supporters.  The following is the explanation given to the donors for this:
"The IRS has expressed concern to all nonprofit organizations when donors indicate an individual’s name on the check. The IRS wants to make certain that the gift is made to NICS/OASIS for that person’s project related expenses, and is not merely a personal gift for a particular individual. 
In order to legally issue a tax-deductible receipt, checks must be made payable to NICS/OASIS.  To assure that your gifts are deductible, please do not put the staff member’s name on the check (you may put the staff member’s project number on the check).  You can still indicate your preference for where your gift is used on a separate note or by using the tear-off at the bottom of the receipt we provide.  Using the response portion of the receipt is the easiest and most accurate way of indicating your gift preference."

You may also give online.  The N.I.C.S. website is:  When you are on the site, simply  click on the gray box on the left that says, "Donate."  At that point you will be able to choose recurring donation (such as those individuals/families who have chosen to send in a monthly amount), and/or one time gift, for those who have chosen to help us with finances that we are incurring to leave for Bolivia and also for finances that it will cost for us to set up housekeeping in our apartment in La Paz.

We are so excited!  We have come a long way in less than a week!  It has been a week full of roller-coaster emotions, decisions, plans, purging, a few tears shed hear and there, thankfulness, blessings, prayers, etc.  We are humbled by so many partnering with us on our journey to serve the Lord at Highlands International School in La Paz, Bolivia.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (706) 207-2303 (Kathy's cell) or (706) 207-9056 (Vaughn's cell) or through our email:

We are going outside now (at our daughter's house to have some pictures taken so that we can start designing our prayer cards), which we hope to be able to start mailing out to our support team in the next week or so.  Please let us know, if you haven't already, if you will stand with us in prayer, through financial support or both.

Time to say," CHEESE!"

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