Friday, October 7, 2011

And the day continues in the life of a gringo La Pazian

Fellow teachers gather and no one has signed up for devotions, opportunity knocks and one opens the Word from personal devotionals and hearing of the Word and shares.  

Students to smile at and greet even if it is without names still(working on it). Classes to teach, the director is home with a sick child. On the fly, but pulling out both information and teaching strategies as God brings them back to the frontal lobe. God is faithful to use what we have previously implanted. 

A few more visits to el baƱo. Lunch and dinner bring some more new flavors, but for sure only bottled water (must not gargle with the hot water in the shower again-knock on side of head to impress memory)

Evenings with host family; to bed a little early, the altitude  and/or different bed seems to make sleep harder to come by. 

The Lord is our strength and always enough for the day.

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