Saturday, October 1, 2011

No laboring in La Paz today - FIESTA time!

This was the sunset today.  It was really pretty showing off "The Devil's Peak.  We met a number of the other teachers and many students and their families today.
Since this next week is the last week of the semester, Vaughn will have the opportunity to observe each of the four High School Bible classes that he will be teaching starting the following week, look into what the chapels have covered so far this year, get acclimated to how things are usually done here and then add his own tweaking to that.  With Chapel every week and ongoing mission trips, service projects around the town, Spiritual Emphasis week, etc.  He will have plenty to dream about and plan for.  He is very excited to be able to be in this position.

My responsibilities are a bit more unstructured, so they may chance from day to day or week to week.

Our first impression of the Bolivian people in La Paz and the school community is very positive.  We are looking forward to meeting more of the students and their families and getting to know our co-workers here,

We will try to update you as often as possible with descriptions and pictures.

For more pictures of today's Spring Festival at H.I.S., please go to our Facebook page:

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