Sunday, October 16, 2011

This past week in review (October 10th - 16th, 2011)

Hello everyone!  We sure had a full week with quite a number of first for us!  To begin with, we attended a birthday party for a one year old - DOG!  We probably wouldn't have chosen to attend, except that we were especially invited to go downstairs for it!  LOL

Another interesting firsts that we experienced was attending a Bible study with a group from our church that was entirely in Spanish.  We think it was about marriage!  :-)

Our hosts took us to their club yesterday as a treat.  It has everything you ca imagine; horse-contests, football (soccer), racquetball, a gym, tennis and an indoor swimming pool.  I had not brought a swimming suit with us this time because Vaughn and I had discussed that there was no way that we would be able to afford a pool membership at this time.  So, our hostess and I had to go shopping for a suit for me,  How I longed for a WalMart or a Penneys or a Sears, etc.  They do not have department stores here; they are all boutiques and with that word comes HIGH PRICES.  The first shop we went into had a suit that was my size and was very nice....7700 Bolivianos which translates to over $100 US.  THAT was not an option!  We did manage to find a suit that wasn't going to keep us from eating for the next month and off we went to the club, where we all had a wonderful time and I got to do my water aerobics, which I have greatly missed since we left our house in Athens,   (Water exercises are ideal for me with my history of back problems and surgeries).

THEN, our church had to move their services from our usual Sunday morning to Saturday evening BECAUSE there were elections of judges held today (Sunday!) and there were no cars allowed to be driven today!

Also, we celebrated the Lord's Supper together last night with our church family...nothing out of the ordinary about that usually...the bread was passed, the blessing was said and we partook. Then cups were passed, the blessing was said and SURPRISE!!!!  It was wine and not the usual grape juice we have always had in every church of which we have been members!  I think my eyes were as big as saucers when I looked over at Vaughn!  For a guy who took a temperance vow in Junior High and had never broken that vow, it was quite a surprise, too!  I do, however, believe that God will not hold that against him!

We are SO very thankful for 3 new families/individuals who have joined our support team this week!!!!

So, a week of many new things (probably more than I have listed here, too.).   We are thoroughly enjoying the beauty and diversity of La Paz.  We have already made some great friends, of which our host family rates the highest.  The atmosphere at the school is very loving and we are so very thankful to be a part of it.

Until next time, "Que Dios manda bendiciones sobre usted como usted vive a glorificarlo en todo lo que hacéis!"  (May God shower blessings on you as you live to glorify Him in all you do!).

Thank you for partnering with us!
Vaughn & Kathy

  We will leave you with a few more pictures that we took on some of our recent outings.

 This last picture is of the highest shooting range in the world.

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  1. All in all it was a really good week! Glad you found a suit Kathy!! Love the SURPRISE!!! I bet everyone at the wedding was surprised when Jesus turned the water into wine!!! :)

    Love seeing the photos!! Have a good week! I'll be praying for you guys!!