Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Day in the life of a gringo La Pazian

Day starts a tad before 6 w/ the aid of the dogs we arise, the sun comes over the Andes, the Son having been with us and in us all along. But this time of year is the spring rainy season, here in the Sur (below the equator), so we are almost socked in with clouds down in the city. As the day progresses the light clouds rise to leave the large cumulus clouds moving in the sky above. 

We are graced again by our generous host's service w/ breakfast toast (tostada) or maybe cheese, ham and bread in the sandwich press, good coffee and juice (yes even I am drinking the blended beverage put before me). Walk 2 blocks and to school we arrive for staff devotions.

More of a typical day in the next post---lol---stay tuned!


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