Friday, September 30, 2011

Getting settled in

Hello All!  Yes!  We are actually in La Paz, Bolivia now.  It is hard to imagine that it has only been two days with all of the new people we've met, new scenes we've seen, new things we've done, etc.

Kathy had a pretty miserable day physically yesterday, but is feeling much better today - thankfully!!! The altitude here REALLY IS an issue!  She has taken some breathing treatments and that has been greatly beneficial.

Vaughn went on a service project today with the High school students to visit a local orphanage and their micro-business; a bakery.  He really enjoyed the time that he got to spend getting to know some of his students before he actually starts teaching on Monday.

Tomorrow is the school's Spring Festival.  YES, SPRING - it is so strange to process being below the equator and experiencing the seasons at the opposite time of year than we have always had them.  But, it is a little thing to get used to.

We are extremely fortunate to be staying with a wonderful Peruvian family.  They are so hospitable and we love them already.  It is a real treat staying here with them this first month while we are getting used to things here.

We have already learned a lot of things and some of them are NOT things that we will ever want to repeat again; such as paying exorbitant rates for some excess luggage weight.  AND, not arriving home before our hosts and not knowing the alarm code (let alone knowing that there even WAS an alarm!).  But, we lived through those two experiences and even laughed until we cried over the alarm fiasco.  So, I guess when you can laugh at yourself, you're not doing all that bad! 

Kathy WAS able to purchase peanut butter today and it wasn't all that expensive, so that was a nice surprise.  She is also quite happy that Coke Zero abounds here!  heh heh

Well, I guess that about catches you up for now.  We promise to take pictures soon.  There is some really pretty scenery here.  We saw one mountain on the way from the airport to the school that has snow on it all year long.

Thank you so much for your prayers - keep it up!  We need you with us!

Vaughn & Kathy


  1. So glad you made it and that you are adjusting. We will keep Kathy and her health in our prayers. Can't wait to see photos. AND yaaaa for Coca Cola products available all over the world!!


  2. Hi Guys. So glad you made it and everything is going well. We miss and love you. Keep sharing and our prayers are with you. Love Margo and Donnie Fowler.