Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Lord's Day!

Sundays are a celebration for Christians; we not only get to gather together in one place to sing wonderful songs, hear the Word of God preached and worship the LORD of Creation, we get to catch up with our friends in our church family and meet new friends.  It is a day that we look forward to all week.  It is a recharge for us; encouraging us to go back out into a dark world and shine bright for Jesus.

This morning was great; however, it just came to mind that we only have 2 more weeks with our church family at Compass Community Church in Athens, Georgia, as a regular part of things there.  It is bitter sweet.  It is amazing to me how close you can become to people who are like-minded and with whom you see once or twice a week.

We’ve been through this before and will probably go through it again before our time here on earth is done, but that realization doesn’t make it any easier to say good-bye.  Sure, we plan on visiting, LORD willing, especially now that we have ministry supporters at Compass – we’re compelled to do so!  So, that is a great reason to get to say hi to our friends who are standing behind us as we journey on to La Paz.

We have another church (well actually, more than these two, but these two are here in the South) to which we feel exceptionally close ties; Springville Road Community Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  We have so many friends and loved ones there!  Our last Sunday in the states before we leave for Bolivia will be at SRCC.  We have spent many wonderful years with that group of believers.  We have moved and come back a number of times and it is just like we never left because they are so gracious and welcoming to us.

So, it is nearing time to think ahead.  I wonder what our Bolivian church will be like.  Will they be traditional or contemporary in their music style?  Will the Pastor preach through an entire book at a time or discuss topics?  Will there be a place for us to serve there?

It is assuring to know that Christians are Christians no matter what language we speak, no matter what country we reside, what socioeconomic level we find ourselves, no matter if we meet in a warehouse or a cathedral.  WE have commonality in our Lord Jesus Christ and in my opinion that is the best thing to have in common!

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