Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PRAISES and continued prayer needed!

You can't really see the Bolivian Consulate here, but you can see the dry cleaners (it has the yellow covered walkway) that is located below it!  LOL

Our friend, Jay, was able to go to the US State Dept. for us this morning and get our Authentication affidavit and then he took all of the documents, our passports, the money orders for fees and handed them over to the Consulate.  We have been told that they only need 2 business days to prepare our Visas and then they will send us ALL of our documents via the prepaid overnight envelope we sent.  So, we could have everything we need (as far as documentation) IN HAND before the end of the week!

Kathy had a really rough week last week, but it is obvious to us that she has been prayed for.  She has been doing great since Saturday evening.  We're very thankful!
Stay tuned!      

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