Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PTL! We got our new passports today!

Well, getting up at 3:30 am to make a trip into Atlanta to apply for new passports was NOT on our agenda, but like it's been said, "It didn't take God by surprise!"

We had 8:30 appointments and we got there right about 8, got ushered to a window immediately; waited 5 minutes or so and then finished the application process in another few minutes.  Then we got to wait around for 5.5 hrs.  We didn't expect that we would be taking a nap in our van in the middle of a parking lot in downtown Atlanta, but hey, if we're anything we're a fun bunch!  heh heh heh

We picked up our completed passports and were on our way back to Birmingham by 2:30.  YAY!!!!

We will leave Bethany and Joseph's house by about 10:30 tomorrow morning, planning on flying out at 12:35 heading for Miami.  We arrive there at 3:35 and have 7 hrs. to hang out in the airport.  Our flight to La Paz takes off at 10:35 PM and arrives in Bolivia at 6:00 am the next morning.  At that point, we will purchase 2 tourist visas.  Our director wrote us today and it has become evident that our experience with being denied our first visa has become commonplace all of a sudden.  The Bolivians, for some reason, are severely restricting long-term visas for North Americans.  JOY!  Scott (our director) wanted to make us aware that we could be turned down for a year visa and we would have the leave Bolivia.  BUT, as our daughter's mother-in-law pointed out today - there's no sense in looking for problems in the future...just take care of things today.  Scott just wanted to make sure that IF this did occur, that it wouldn't take us completely by surprise....I think we can all agree the evil one is alive and well and doing all he can to thwart the gospel going out at H.I.S. (Highlands International School).

So, for now, we are thoroughly exhausted and have some very tiring days ahead of us.  I will close by saying good bye and good night and we will update y'all as soon as we are able to get to an internet connection.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support; we wouldn't even think about attempting this next "adventure" without having you along!

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  1. wow! you guys sure have been jumping through some hoops! but God is good...all the time (want to finish that?). i'm so excited for you and will be praying as you say goodbye to family and head off on yet another adventure. i look forward to hearing all about HIS and bolivia! safe travels, friends. you are much loved...and much prayed for!