Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our last full day living in Athens, Georgia & welcoming another Van Liew into the world!

Well, it's hard to believe but this is it!  We have one full day to finish packing, sorting, throwing away/giving away and storing our things before we take off to Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow.

It seems surreal!  It's nice, though, that today we are finally getting a really great downpour; we have had a horribly dry summer (our water bills tell THAT story and we didn't even water our lawn) and could use a whole lot more rain, but I'm thankful for what we are getting today.
Our nephew and his wife (Cody and Blake Van Liew; son of Larry & Susan) had their first baby yesterday - Thomas Francis Danger Van Liew!  He arrived safely and everyone seems to have come through the delivery just fine.  He is a beautiful baby!  That's the second grandchild for Larry and Susan; both born this year - Caleb and Trisha had Kahlan Joy on May 20th, so now they have a granddaughter and a grandson.  Yay!
Well, I must get back to work.  I want Vaughn to be proud of me when he gets home and sees how much his little homemaker accomplished today.  (hehehe; yeah, LITTLE, riiiiiiight!).
OH!  And, still no word on our Bolivian visas being ready.  I checked the tracking number and it isn't in the system yet and no one has answered at the Consulate in Miami this morning...please remember to keep that in prayer.  We need our documents back really soon!

Thanks everyone!

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