Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Standing by a friend

 An email came; a friend in our small group at church was fighting for custody of her child.  Day 1 had been horrendous; our friend needed some moral support.  I felt compelled to go.

I wasn't prepared to testify in court.  I wasn't prepared to be badgered by an overzealous prosecuting attorney.  I just wanted to tell what I knew to be true about my friend and help in some small way if I could.   I felt as if I had said too much when I shouldn't have and said too little when I should have. What do they say about hindsight?

Many were praying and it is not time to stop.  This young friend and her husband have a lot of work to do to prove to the Judge that her little one should be back home with her Mommy.

PLEASE join me in praying for my friends.  
God knows who they are.


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